Southern Oregon Photography & Videography

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography showcases your projects from a fresh new perspective.
The cost of hiring a drone to photograph or video your project can usually be done for under $160. This includes 4k video footage and raw and jpeg photos.
Video editing and photo enhancement is available upon request for additional charge.


We do Drone Photography for:

Richard Carrigan is an independent licensed drone operator serving Josephine and Jackson counties.

Real Estate Listings

We offer professional videography and editing for any size home. We match your needs with our expertise and produce a walk-through video that gets results.

Our Service Include:

  • HD video formatted for multiple listings
  • Branded with your company logo
  • Voiceover or agent hosting available
  • 4k Drone footage can be added
  • Professional editing and color grading
  • 1 revision

After we take all the footage, we then carefully edit to highlight features and create connection between potential buyers and the home.

Each video is between 1 and 4 minutes in length, and uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. We also send you a copy in the format of your chose.

Small Businesses

Good communication is the key to building and growing your business. Videos not only communicate information about your business, but they also connect the customer with you and ultimately, your services. 

Our mission is to help you “put your best foot forward” as we create videos that enhance who you are as a business.

Our Service Include:

  • HD video formatted for Internet or DVD
  • Branded with your company logo
  • Interviews and personal testimonies
  • Professional editing and color grading

For more information fill out the form below, or just call/text us at 541-843-0773!