The most important part of filmmaking is pre-production. First, we do an initial research on the topic. Then we meet with clients discussing needs and goals.  Next, we determine the budget and write a proposal for the project along with a tentative outline.

After the proposal and tentative outline have been approved, we then begin a more detailed plan by writing scripts, making story boards, arranging interviews, and so on.


Now it is time to begin shooting. We come to your place of ministry or business and set up our lights and cameras. Then we begin filming interviews, presentations, and general footage of you in action.

This process may take a few hours or days depending on schedules and how much we need to capture.


The first step in post-production is editing a first draft.  We lay out the footage according to the script, and add music and narration. The first draft is then uploaded and made available for client review.  When approved, we then move into producing the final draft. A master digital copy is made.  We can then duplicate copies into desired formats.