College Writing 401

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Improve Your Reading and Writing Skills

Write more academically in English to increase your success.

Course Info

  • Course Title: College Writing 401
  • Available Date: March 2021
  • CEFR Level: B2 – C1
  • Course Type: Self-Paced
  • Instructor: Richard P Carrigan, MSE
  • Available Lessons: 32 Lessons
  • Approximately 5 weeks to complete
About the Course

College Writing 401 is designed to further build a foundation for college level writing.  This course is for high-intermediate, non-native speakers of English who plan to attend a university in the United States and need to master academic reading and writing skills. 

The skills taught in this course will enable you to succeed in university-level coursework. You will engage in academic research and learn to express and support your ideas clearly. In the final project, you will demonstrate all the knowledge you have learned in this course as you write the final essay.

Who’s the course for?

Our course is designed for high-intermediate, non-native speakers of English, who plan to attend a university in the United States and need to master academic readingwriting, and listening skills

What’s inside the course?

College Writing 401 includes 25+ video presentations, authentic reading passages, downloadable handouts, interactive quizzes, writing assignments, and teacher feedback.

What skills will you learn?
  • Reading – identifying main ideas, details, and implied meanings.
  • Vocabulary – problem-solution collocation, word families, and definitions
  • Listening – news and topic presentations.
  • Writing – paraphrasing, summarizing, in-text citations, and essay writing
  • Grammar – reported speech
  • Critical Thinking – drawing conclusions from articles and multimedia presentations
About the Instructor

Richard P Carrigan, MSE

Richard Carrigan has been an educator for over 30 years and a filmmaker for the past ten. He has experience teaching English as a Second Language in Japan and teaching university students in the United States. He earned his undergraduate degree from Loma Linda University and his graduate degree from Shenandoah University.

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What is the refund policy?

If you enroll, you get a 5-day trial period. If for any reason during this time, you decide the course is not for you, you can request a refund. After 5 days, you can cancel your account, but a refund will not be issued. See our full refund policy.

Is the course 100% online?

This course is completely online. You can access all the material, lectures, and quizzes online without attending in person.

Will I earn university credits if I take this course?

This course is designed to prepare students for university coursework, and it does not carry university credit.

How long will it take to complete this course?

This is a self-paced course, which means students study on their own. The average student takes approximately 4 to 5 weeks complete all the assignments.

How long do I have to finish the course?

It is good to finish the course within 3 to 5 weeks. But if you need longer, there is no required time you have to finish your studies.

Can I ask questions?

Certainly you can. Your teacher will be monitoring and grading your work during the course. If at any time you have questions, you can use the Contact Teacher button at the top of each page.

Will I receive a certificate when I complete the course?

You will receive a certificate of completion after you finish the course and pass with at least a 70%.

What happens if I score less than a 70%?

You can continue to study the lessons until you pass. If you need tutoring, you can request a tutoring session at $42 per 50 minutes.